Get out of my way / Just the fax Maam!!

The #1 rule for every product & service design should be...."GET OUT OF USER'S WAY" unless the intent is to be in user's way such as safety devices etc.

On a recent business trip:


Car rental: We try "to make it" harder

15 mins to the car. | 10 mins to return it & get a receipt.

Both times, there was only one person ahead of me.

Airport Cafe: Tequilaria

20 mins / 2 reminders to get a $7.50 beer. | Another 20 mins for a lousy sandwich...And they were not busy.

Flight back: Southwest

Thankfully, on time & pleasant.


"Just the Fax M'aam" (JTFM) is a line Bruce Willis says in Diehard - the airport one. JTFM points to the inherent simplicity of an intent.


Are we making it hard for our customers, patrons, clients, users to get to what they are buying from us? For a number of businesses the purity of intent appears to be sorely amiss.

Why are so many businesses failing to deliver on such basic values? How can our businesses stray away from their core value proposition, its Raison d'être?

Should we all embrace the JTFM philosophy. Don't be fancy, don't be sexy, don't be anything else, unless you get your JTFM in place.