Recession...What Recession??

We are in recession, it has hurt our businesses, our service & sales revenue are down. What do we do now??

Despite of all the grim news about recession, it amazes me that how many businesses continue to offer poor customer services & sub standard products.

Here are two recent experiences.

-Happy Anniversary...
Here is an anniversary mailer from my cellphone service provider, congratulating & thanking me for the business. They offer me a free ring tone or 25 bonus minutes for which I will need to login to their website & do something explained in the next two pages.

By the way, the stuff is free **AFTER SERVICE CREDIT**. Seriously, free ring tones after service credit that will take so much time & effort.

-Customer Service...
I just got my car serviced from my local car dealer. When I picked it up, I noticed that there are some scuff marks on the side door that did not exist earlier.

He says, sure let me get someone to take care of that for you. I stand there for 15 mins while he himself cleans another car, runs around getting new customers in & so on, but nothing for the scuff marks.

So, is it really recession that is responsible for lost business?

Maybe recession is a great opportunity for customers, as it will probably kill or rectify substandard businesses. Maybe recession is just the smaller half of a much bigger problem (& any amount of stimulus is not going to cure the other part).