Spiderman PJs on Southwest Airlines = Happy Employees

On a recent flight, the air hostess announced if Mr. Smith would ring his call button. When he did, they said that his hotel had called, they have found his Spiderman pajamas.

Everyone laughed as the forty something Mr. Smith turned red, and his colleagues who were sitting next to him high-fived each other and the hostesses who made that announcement.

I had just witnessed the happy / proud employees of Southwest Airlines. So the next time Smith & his boss flies, guess which airlines they would rather be on.

In the end, don't we all do business with people or brands that we like? Especially, as the internet eliminates the market inefficiencies and offerings get more and more commoditized. Doesn't that make likability an unassailable core competency?

So...How do we imbue the notion of being likable in our organizational DNA? How can likability be institutionalized and spread through every client touchpoint? 

Maybe the most direct way for a business to be likable is to have likable employees. Does that also mean that happy employees are one of the most valuable asset?

After all, how else can we make emotional connections with customers and spread likability in ways that would otherwise be unimaginable at 30, 000 Feet.

Southwest & Spiderman PJs rock!!