Building trust with transparent intent and pure design?

Can you make your users trust your privacy notices? Would it make them nervous to read it, or click a box saying that they agree with it? Especially if you are a business who makes a living monetizing your user's data.

How do you build trust online? Here is a screenshot of the LinkedIn's privacy policy image below that I just got notified to recently.


When a company makes an effort to explain its policies to its users in a clear, concise and thoughtful manner, it has gone beyond the legal obligation. It has connected with the customers and assured them that their privacy is taken seriously and its not just something that is put out there because a lawyer said so.

Essentially, LinkedIn used theirs to build trust by using a clear intent and a very user friendly design which converted a mundane interaction into an opportunity to build deeper relationship..

Kudos to their folks for telling me that they care. Thanks!