Your best work and the rule of three...

So I am busy reading my favorite website and I get a call. A colleague has this "insanely awesome" idea and he is looking for my support (time / effort etc.).

What should I do? Do I help him or politely decline?

Well after more than forty years of existence, looks like I may have cracked this one. For a Yes, that idea has to fit clearly under one of these three rules...

1. Passion

Its a world changing idea on a subject that I am passionate about.

2. Money / Success / Pot of Gold

There is a guaranteed return in cold hard cash or that promotion I am vying for etc.

3. Crazy / Wacky / Fun

It has that "California or bust" feel to it.

And it should not fit in any of these buckets...

1. This shouldn't take long

It was easy, and I bet I can get it done in an evening.

2. Past experience

Related to #1. I have done such a thing in the past and have stuff that may be useful for this idea...

3. Politeness / part of the group

I am doing this because a lot of my friends / colleagues are doing it, and if I don't do it....I will feel left behind.

Your mileage may vary...but I am starting to notice that my better work aligns with the first category and the mediocre outcomes in the second category.