Do you love your grumpy customers?

Have you ever worked on something that was cool, sounded logical & solved a genuine business problem but still heard these...

"I / The users won't do this / It will never work"

"This is too complicated"

"Why can't I do it my way?"

Well...I have & most often then not, my first impression was my business user was just a PMS case (no offense, ladies) or someone having a bad day.

But if you think about it, all the progress in the world has happened because of folks who are lazy, grumpy, complaining & generally irritating (well..the jury is still out on this one, though). We tend to filter out too much because we either take it for granted or some things are just not an inconvenience to us.

I have tried this several times, that if I can filter out all the noisiness & focus less on their personality, there is almost always an underlying issue or an opportunity.

This may sound stereotypical, but older folks & kids (I guess, including teenagers) are usually in this category & they are the idea mine that we all need to be looking for. Actually, I think newly landed immigrants fall in this category too, because they can pinpoint things that we take for granted.

In my opinion, if you are an innovator, inventor, solutions guy or somewhere in there....listen, watch, smell (I know..Yukk) & feel for the underlying message. There is some serious money to be made (not that I have made mine) from these folks.

Love those grumpies!!!