The Microsoft UX (or "We suggest you don't ask us. Test it yourself & find out if it works!")

What do you do when you have a question & cannot find an answer? Read the Manual (Of course we all do that, don't we)

Well, What do you do if the manual does not have that information? Search Online, Google, Ask the company or something..

Well, this post is about my experience with asking the company (Microsoft, in this case).

Recently, I had a question about compatibility of Exchange 2003 & Sharepoint Server 2007 Outlook Web Parts. I Googled but really did not find anything worthwhile other than some passing references. For some reason, MSFT does not have this documented.

So, I sent out an out of the blue email to the pertinent Product Managers & actually got a response (Yay!!!). He was not sure if there are any issues, but politely requested that I should test it out before asking such questions.

Now for an Open Source product I can probably take this answer (although they are probably much better documented in some cases), but for a commercial product, ummm.....No!

I was tempted to ask if he would like the same answer from his car company. How about the Pharmacy? I find this unfortunate because Microsoft has some really great products, but in an experience age....I think they have a pretty long way to go...

I guess the fundamental (albeit cliched question) we all need to ask ourselves everyday is....

Have we done enough to make our customers successful? What is your answer today?

Happy Halloween!!

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