Google's Custom Time - What a great concept!!

Google introduced a concept that is just brilliant..custom time - the ability to predate your email.

- Get away with forgetting birthdays
- Submit stuff late (the document that your boss wanted before quarter end but was delayed in the email type stuff)
& it is perfect for some Jobs ;-)....predate the (a for xxxxx) fruit company stocks that you received as part of your executive comp / bonus etc.

How does this work?

Let's say you wanted to send out a prank email to your boss...
Now today is 4/1/2008, but with custom time you can predate it to 3/31/2008 & send it now.

Then you call your boss & start discussing it as if he/she must have already received it & read thru....

Your boss is gonna say...I did not get that presentation from you..

You are like..but I sent it yesterday..

He's like..when..ohh..I see it now, I swear it was not there yesterday..

You are like "uh..hunhh!!" (American way of saying slacker / duh!! at work). you can embarrass folks.

These guys at Google are brilliant I tell ya what...What innovation, creative thinking, out of the box, blue sky strategy. MSFT can never think this way..

If only I can be a product manager for this custom time stuff. I mean what is in a date / time (right!!)..

I wish someone from Google can read how highly we think of them.

Oh well...I should quit fooling around & make something of this day!