Integration Next - Physical Objects, Digital Information

What would integration of future be about? What will we want to tie next? While the integrations of past focused on tying systems together, do products like IPhone & Wii signal a new breed of integration?

From manual to automated, from batch to real time, from disjointed to seamless, from general/business like to personal....this is old news.

Is the next integration challenge centered around adding digital markers (for information or capabilities) that can leverage the power of internet to seemingly undigitized physical objects?

Navigate to Gabriel Miller's website & browse to the third image for project "WNDR" to see what I am referring to. Here is a screen shot from the same website..

Location aware devices such as GPS enabled mobile phones combined with a 3D awareness of their physical orientation through accelerometers means that devices of the future not only know where they are, they also know what direction are they facing in & exactly what are they looking at.

Does this mean that the future integrations can overlay a digital map over everyday physical things? Would these devices have the smarts to recognize that they are pointed in the direction of a restaurant & pop up reviews on it?

Would such an overlay of a 3D virtual map over physical world change the way we do things? Would it make auto-navigation a reality? Imagine a car or a plane that travels on a virtual highway without any human intervention.

Or would these be tied to the Visual Search idea that / uses? That way, maybe I can just take a photo of the restaurant I am considering to dine in, & get back the results / reviews on it.

Imagine being able to translate Japanese into English almost near real time, just by using the camcorder feature to preview things from my web enabled cameraphone. It can just overlay English text over Japanese text on my camera screen.

I don't know what the future holds, but I suspect some of it will be headed in this direction. Maybe & other Google wannabes can change the battleground & fight the search battle in real world instead of on a computer screen. Maybe that is why Google came up with Android.

(Or Maybe this is just another conspiracy theory..who knows).

Good Night!!