The New Opportunities

After reading the businessweek's innovation section, Seth Godin, John Thackara, Paul Polak, Prahalad / Hamel & Porter, and after attending some really thought provoking conferences in the last few weeks, I wanted to clear my head & summarize all these thoughts.

After all, what should a business do about sustainability, design, innovation & such. How should their products, services or platforms map to these lines of thinking? Can we describe this in a way where it may make sense in a few minutes.

Here is my attempt with a thousand words...

In a perfect world, future wealth creation attempts will have to be firmly entrenched in all of these four quadrants to attain any kind of viable & long term competitive advantage.

However, since we live in an imperfect world, the economic inefficiencies of the market & other external factors will contain how far this competitive advantage / threat will go (& 'business as usual' will work just fine for some of us).

Disclaimer: As a high level diagram, this is intended to merely foster thoughts. It is not attempting to "be all, end all" (for that you may want to read some of the fine authors mentioned earlier).