The contrarian Viewpoint...."Why Good enough is not.."

Trying to play devil's advocate here....

The companies I cite such as MSFT are doing incredibly well for their size. They have billion dollar blockbuster products such as Sharepoint.

The emerging markets such as China, India, Russia & Latin America probably represent a huge market where good enough products / services with affordable prices should really do well.

So, if the Wal Mart model of optimizing efficiencies, cutting costs & selling stuff still looks promising, then where exactly is the "good enough" segment shrinking?

Also, if you consider the "flying geese" model of Macroeconomics, we will never run short of markets for good enough products.

By the time, these emerging markets become picky about products & services, Africa will be developing as the next "emerging market".

So...Why is good enough not good enough? More thoughts in my next post.