iPhone & Mimique...Open Source can be so empowering?

So what can one possibly design that will compete with iPhone. After all, who can build it sleeker, simpler & sexier than Apple? & even if you had the beans to do a better design, can the engineering part of building a cellphone make this endeavor, a daunting one for a design company?

Enter RKS design with Mimique on Open Source Google Android...
This is a good example of how open source empowers ideas that looked too tough just yesterday. If Mimique was conceived a year ago, it would have to live with limitations of Windows Mobile or other commercially available smartphone operating systems (or they would have to shell out a fair amount in embedded operating systems just to get a basic working phone out of the door), but with Google Android available, the entry barriers into the smartphone world are lowered to a point where better designs & products become viable.
So, the question I ask myself is...What was impractical & not viable yesterday, but is feasible today? Who is monitoring the change in the "business as usual" assumptions of your business? Can such individuals, groups or companies be the game changers of today (& are we part of that mindset)?

Food for thought, aye?