Book Review: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Let me begin with a confession...I really like Malcolm Gladwell's way of writing & if you get the audiobook, his way of narration is even more persuasive. In short, I am his fan. However, Outliers did not really impress me very much.

The author's basic premise in this book is that no individual has succeeded merely by their innate qualities of intellect, hardwork & whatever skills / knowledge / personalities they had. There are other factors at play which can be as incidental as when these folks were born, to where & in what type of demographics, cultural factors & all kind of things imaginable. In short, while success needs the essential ingredients of qualities mentioned earlier, circumstances do dictate who succeeds & when.

Frankly, I felt that reading this book was sort of a waste of time because it leaves out the current times. It does not attempt to describe what all this means in today's tectonic shifts of technology, innovation & design. In some ways, it leaves the reader grasping to translate the meaning of his conjecture to something meaningful.

So, if you like the Malcolm Gladwell storytelling style (which often gets fairly anecdotal in this book), give it a read, but otherwise there are probably better use of your time (like reading blogs :-)).


In some ways it is an excerpt of things that he observed