My First Sketchflow App

Microsoft has recently introduced Sketchflow, a dynamic prototyping app with their latest Expression studio release. Here is my first app created using Sketchflow, hosted on Silverlight streaming & embedded in this blog.

I wanted to try out & actually see how well will it work for a distributed audience, with its ability to produce something that can be shared, annotated & yet be interactive without putting too much effort.

The mockup hosted here is a very rough (2 webpages only) but working example..You can enter username / password, click enter & navigate to the second page (that is all I have for now).


What is nice is that you can comment by clicking in the feedback pane or draw on this prototype using the highlighter tool from the feedback pane. You can also look at the overall site layout through the map tab.

Once done, you can actually save the feedback by using "Show feedback Option" (The rightmost button on the feedback pane) & selecting Export feedback, which allows you to save your feedback on your machine.

This feedback can than be emailed to the prototyping team & imported back into the Sketchflow, along with feedback from other participants. I think this is a pretty cool tool.

It took me about 2 hrs from downloading, installing Sketchflow to creating first mock up, hosting it on Microsoft's Silverlight Infrastructure & embedding it into my blog. I will blog a screenshot by screenshot version of how I did this in a later post.