Sketchflow "How To" resources

Someone recently asked me how a designer can to go about trying out Sketchflow without getting into all the development related learning that Expression Blend may need. Here is an excerpt from my response. Hopefully, this will benefit anyone else who may be interested.

Frankly, I really just downloaded the evaluation version & took a few stabs at it. I had to refer to the Expression Blend Help Guide for a few things. But, here are the two that I referred to from a how to perspective that give you a sense of using it without writing any code really.

Canadian UX Blog by Qixing of Microsoft

Sample chapters / Zipped example from Chris Bernard's upcoming book

Other then that, just hang in there with an eval version & try a few different things. I paused the Canux video several times to see where she is navigating within the Sketchflow application.

One more that I used to understand what Sketchflow can do for me was the Visual Kitchen infomercial that MSFT did...

Maybe it would be cool to put together something that shows a step by step process (like a flowchart). Kinda like learning Sketchflow using Sketchflow Maps. So, it can be a Sketchflow Map that branches in four different direction (Say for developer, designer, project manager & business analysts) & explains individual steps/features/benefits with screenshots or embedded videos.

Maybe I will do one of those if I find some free time :-)