The future of app development (

Confession: This post is probably a year or so late, it is just that I have not had the opportunity to play with earlier.

Summary: is revolutionizing the way we do application development & the future belongs to such platforms that are cost effective, agile & offer a low barrier to entry.

Ever since Amazon introduced AWS & EC2, I was interested in Cloud computing. Eventually, Google App Engine really made me want to play with these offerings. However, the learning curve to all these platform appeared a little too steep to me, largely because it expected me to play all (or most) of the roles from SysAdmin to Web Server Admin to Db Admin to developer etc.

Enter platform offering from that offers you a set of pre-built business objects for customization & allows you the flexibility to create your own custom ones, generates a UI for them all & allows you to create your own).

So, basically the developer uses (or creates) business objects, tweaks the business validations, rules, UI, leverages the infrastructure for access control, authorization, security, scalability, data migration, web service integration etc. & can offer a fully functioning business application to the users.

I was able to create a fully functioning web application with a custom Asp.Net UI front end (using generated web services) in two days, from learning the environment, toolset, some APEX programming to importing data into the custom business objects that I created from scratch.

I am usually a skeptic to new vendor offerings that purportedly make our jobs easy, but certainly seems to have found a balance between technology flexibility, agility & ease of usage in a cost effective way. This can be revolutionary.