Get it done...even if it ain't perfect

Summary: Optimization can be the enemy of getting things done.

Is optimization an enemy of getting things done? We have countless things that we want to do & sincerely believe that we are not procrastinating....but we want to combine that work with some other work (but we never get to do the combined thing because something else crept up).

For instance, I will open a stock account & start investing after I have researched the market & understood it well. But, I don't have time to go through the learning curve (& I am not smart enough to hire a financial advisor), so nothing gets done. While that does not mean that I should jump headfirst into investing without any research, but the result is status quo.

On the contrary, if I opened an account & maybe invested a minimal amount...ahh.. Now I am going to read up, learn, research etc. because now I am invested (as in committed). So, for now...I am having a productive day with just a very simple plan of writing stuff down with very basic priorities & doing whatever I can get done...It may be slow, time consuming & sometimes wasteful / expensive....but its getting done.