Disconnected UX = No Sales / Lost Opportunity

So you get an email about some cool little gadget that will work with your phone,


and you click the link to land on this page....


Which offers you no video demo or photos of how it works. Essentially the navigation offers you these choices...

- Specs | Support (Top right main links)

- View specs

- View product documentation

- Buy it Today

- View compatible BlackBerry smartphones

Key Message: "Our product does something cool, just buy it


No video or an image of the product in action. The benefit is buried in the text (breaks the "don't make me think" rule).


video link is somewhere else and not connected to the main sales pitch page.

Let's check Apple's Keynote Presentation Software (I don't know if there is an iPhone presenter).


Clear, Simple, Direct

- Video on the left, product in action image on right, key benefit "Crowd pleaser"

- Five main benefits with images on the viewable area

- Additional info in the bottom scrollable area

Key Message: "You can do cool things with it and its easy to use"

In my opinion, both Apple & RIM have some cool technology stuff. What strikes me as interesting is how differently their messages are constructed.

In today's rather short attention span world, your prospects may get turned off by a disconnected user experience so quickly that they may end up spending more time blogging about it than reading your product manual ;-)