HTML5 Mobile Apps builder - Easy-Peasy-Tiggzi

And late one night, I stumbled upon Tiggzi which is a hosted solution that allows you to create mobile apps inside a browser using jQueryMobile UI controls and easily integrates Rest APIs for mobile backends.

Using Tiggzi (and following this video), I was able to create an app that reads QR codes and writes that data to (a mobile PaaS back-end, ) in just a few hours.


So, here are my thoughts...


  • Easy to work with, no IDE / configuration / Android / iOS SDK required for basic prototyping
  • Very easy to integrate bar / QR code reader and to consume REST APIs,
  • Testflight style remote app deployment and testing (probably the coolest feature of this service)
  • Prompt support

Cons / Limitations:

  • Needs better documentation / more content on best practices etc.
  • Some UI controls are a little bit unintuitive
  • Takes a little getting used to (esp. for folks used to of typical IDEs, like me)
  • Will costs real money for making non-trivial apps

Here is the data on (The bar / QR codes were read from products / QR generators using an Android phone and written to


And here is the same data inside the emulator.


Summary: Tiggzi is an interesting way to make basic read / write mobile apps, and for a simpler business app it certainly deserves consideration.

However, for apps that need a superior UX (higher visual and interaction fidelity) and a tighter device integration / better performance, Tiggzi may run into the limitations of jQueryMobile controls and constraints of Phonegap itself.