Battle of the senses - Orange Juice UX

Have you ever tried to buy Orange juice and found yourself unable to decide 15 minutes later (assuming you are trying to find a different brand than your regular one)? Did you just kept on picking them up and putting them down. Why does that happen?


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On a recent grocery trip, I think I had an epiphany while still deciding on my Orange juice brand. You see, every brand I picked up came in a sleek plastic bottle or a slick poly coated Tetrapack. Nothing felt like an Orange peel, and I felt like I was having a Sensory disconnect.

My eyes were seeing images of farm fresh Oranges, and the sunny yellow of Orange juices, but my hands were telling my brain that it is plastic, it is artificial, synthetic, factory-made, not-real etc.


My nose was sensing a departmental store smell, not an orange farm breeze. So, maybe sensory experiences matter, and retail stores need to do a better job of setting up the display. Or maybe that is just too much effort to sell some OJ.

I wonder how this will apply to Beer bottles. I have often stood in front of the Beer freezers thinking about which one to buy. Maybe the should smell of fresh hops or something...Oh well, for another day perhaps.