How lost my trust

When someone knocks at our door and we let them into our home, are we not extending them a permission, a privilege? Are we not offering them our trust?

Isn't logging into a site using our social media login the same privilege? We expect a third party website to prove that they are worthy of this privilege, and they can be trusted.


Sadly though, all these notions vaporized when I tried to login via twitter to add a comment to Why do they want to 'Update my twitter profile' or 'Post Tweets' on my behalf?

When we design a web, mobile or any other experience that utilizes a Social sign-on, its probably important to remember how fragile that gesture of trust is.

Billpin clearly communicates its intent and starts on the right footing. And so does Linkedin with great visuals on what information is collected and what happens with it (more on this here).


In a world where online privacy is under a constant assault, trustworthiness matters....even more than ever.